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1. the band length: 200mm for Men's watch ; 170mm for women's watch.
( Size of watch for Men is bigger than the size for women, pls be careful when choosing the colors. )
2. Sub-dials are only for decoration, before purchasing, plz check it clearly! Daily Water Resistant (not for swimming or showering) , Colors may not appear exactly as seen on photo in real life due to variations between the computer monitors and naked eye color difference.

1. Tap Right, show time, this time in the middle two o'clock blinking, then right again, this time with no two points show date
2. Press the right then left again, this time on top of time has entered the digital flashes when adjusted state, when the right time is flashing press the correct time can be adjusted
3. Press the right then the left, and this was when the state of tune, then press the left button, the following shows the minute digits will flash, then adjust minutes into the state, then the right time can be adjusted properly
4. Press the right and press the left button three times, then the digital display flashes the month, this time into the state of tune month, then the right to adjust the correct month
5. Press the right time, press the left button four times, then displays the date number will blink at this time to enter the transfer date state, then the right to adjust the correct date

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Option 1: Black
Option 2: Chrome
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